This World Car Free Day, we’ve partnered with Volvo Cars Canada to launch a limited-edition sneaker inspired by their pure electric Volvo XC40 Recharge. This collaboration encapsulates a shared passion for sustainability, technology, and modernist design.

At the core for both Volvo and Casca is progress – innovating and advancing towards a better future for all. As a leader in sustainability, Volvo Cars is committed to reducing their lifecycle emissions per vehicle by 40% by 2025 and producing only fully electric vehicles by 2030. Our own adoption of water-based, low-energy UV treatment processes coupled with our 2-year product warranty are a testament to our buy less, waste less philosophy. Like the XC 40 Recharge, elements of the shoe are crafted with recycled materials. From repurposed car tires in every sole to recycled plastic bottles strengthening the yarns in every knit upper. In addition to the materials used, we've taken design cues from the XC40 car, especially showcasing the distinguishable Thor's Hammer headlight on the toe's upper. 

World Car Free Day was established to encourage people all over the world to consider their personal impact on air pollution and the environment. The annual event, which is celebrated in over 2,000 cities and 35 countries around the world, encourages individuals to leave their cars at home for one day and to lead a more active lifestyle. But the conversation extends far beyond that; it’s not just about one day but about the actions we take daily. If you can bike, walk, transit, or carpool to work, why not integrate that into your routine? Every step towards a sustainable future matters; from the food you eat, to how often you drive your car, and how many items of clothing you buy (and subsequently throw away.)

This World Car Free Day, we encourage you to move differently. 

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