We recently sat down with Dayandra Elrod,
the founder of Good Boy Collective.

We had the chance to catch up with her at the shop and we can confidently say this is one of the coolest pet stores in Vancouver.

Read more below!

Introduce yourself!

Hi! My name is Dayandra Elrod, and I’m the founder of Good Boy Collective.


What is Good Boy Collective?

Good Boy Collective is a modern and ethical dog store on Main Street with a unique curation of products.

What inspired you to create the store?

I started Good Boy Collective because I noticed there was a gap in the pet industry. There’s a lot of really unique and more ethical products out there, but not a lot of the stores were carrying them.

Tell us about the community you've created.

We’ve been so lucky to get to know our customers and their dogs, and we’re so grateful to be part of this fantastic community on Main Street with other really great small businesses.


At Casca, we’re huge advocates for keeping things as eco-friendly as possible from the start of production, to the very end, and beyond. Tell us more about your zero waste program at Good Boy.

With our zero waste food program, we offer ways for our customers to buy kibble or treats in bulk which is using a lot less plastic than if you were to buy it in plastic bags. So our customers are able to fill their own containers, or we provide jars or paper bags as well.



What does the Daily Pursuit of Wellness mean to you?

I think it’s important for wellness throughout the day to take some time for yourself. So whether that means having a really good cup of coffee, or going on a nice walk, any sort of thing that’s going to zen your mood so that you can have less stress for a busy work day.

How do dogs (and pets in general) play a part in improving our overall well-being?

I think that dogs play a huge part in our well-being. They make us laugh, we have to go outside with our dogs, they’re cuddly, they’re sweet, and I think that dogs can make a huge difference in someone’s mental health in a very positive way.



What does your wellness routine look like?

A huge part of my wellness routine is taking my dogs on a daily walk or adventure. I think that it brings me joy and really helps clear my head, but also seeing them so happy to do those things is also something that really makes me happy.


What's your favourite Casca model from our range?

My favourite shoe is the Onda. I love this style because it’s really comfortable but still fashionable for everyday wear.


Dayandra wearing the Women's Onda in Grey/White


Any favourite go-to spots on Main Street?

Well other than Casca and Good Boy of course, I would say one of my favourite spots to go to is Coco et Olive on Main Street. They have the absolute best pastries and the dirty chai is fantastic.



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