We caught up with Maxine Tamoto of Kid Sister Skincare to chat all things wellness, the inspiration behind the brand, and how to achieve a healthy glow to your skin. Read the full interview below!



Introduce yourself!

My name is Maxine Tamoto, I’m the CEO of Kid Sister Skincare, and I have been working in the creative field as a photographer since 2018. Working my way up from shooting lifestyle and weddings, I now focus on branding and product photography for local businesses. My parents describe me as someone who always makes whoever I’m around feel good and safe. I also make (mostly terrible) ceramics in my spare time.

What inspired you to create Kid Sister?

As someone who cares about her complexion but is a girl-on-the-go, I could never find my holy grail. After many failed attempts at trying to find something, I took matters into my own hands and was lucky enough to find a chemist and work closely with them to create a one-and-done face oil. Realizing how beneficial this could be for others with busy lifestyles, I decided to start a brand based on an inclusive community with easy and effective skincare. Connecting who I am with my brand is integral. I wanted to make Kid Sister more than a skincare line, but a lifestyle.



Who did you create Kid Sister for?

Someone who is personable, outgoing and busy. Although they do not follow a specific skin care routine, they love when their face feels healthy and well taken care of. They are keen on taking care of the community and are very intentional with what they purchase and from whom. They love a good gallery while also enjoying down time with friends and family. They have big plans for the future, and will continue to support creative businesses along the way.

Tell us about Super Ego. What is a gua sha?

Super Ego is a daily antioxidant face oil that will help protect your skin from environmental stressors with nutrient rich ingredients like buriti fruit and tomato seed oil. With the perfect blend of ultra-hydrating squalane and lightweight jojoba oil, this multi-tasker is packed with the good stuff to improve elasticity and tone, leaving you with a plump and glowing complexion.

A gua sha is a massage tool you can use on your face and body. It helps ease tension, boost circulation, lift and tone, and absorb product.



What does the Kid Sister community look like?

We are authentic, confident, curious, creative, and uplifting.

What does a good skincare routine look like?

Keeping your skin barrier healthy and moisturized, and SPF.

What can people expect from Kid Sister in the future?

We’ll continue introducing chemist formulated products into our line and we hope to build a community of like-minded people that love our products and what we stand for.


Maxine's Bachan (Grandma) wearing the Salo


What does the Daily Pursuit of Wellness mean to you?

Doing your best with what you have the energy for that day, finding balance, and speaking to yourself the way you’d speak to your friends.

What does your wellness routine look like?

I have a chaotic schedule so I find time for wellness in strange gaps. During these times I’ll call my mom and have a chat about nothing, join a 30 minute HIIT class, try a new skincare product, hang with my dog, and head to the studio where I take wheel throwing classes.


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