September 20, 2018

In early August, we travelled to hot and humid China with three objectives:

  1. Approve the production details for Avro
  2. Inspect the supplier facilities we hadn’t yet visited
  3. Develop two new silhouettes

We’ll dig into the latter two in future posts, but let’s talk production.

In the Making.

The Avro and Avro Knit will be delivered in late November! After thorough testing and development, we’ve just finished the approvals for our first production run.

As a startup brand working with some of the pinnacle manufacturers in China, having efficiency with our approvals was critical in maintaining our spot in the factory's production schedule. 

The first objective was to approve the full range of sizes, from US Women’s 5 to US Men’s 12.5. After prototyping, testing and developing Avro in standard sample sizes, this was a key point before we began our first manufacturing run.

Grading the Casca Avro OutsoleSame same, but different. 

The Perfect Fit. 

A special ratio is used for taking the original prototype and modifying it to each size specification. It’s not a simple, uniform transformation; the length grows more than the width/girth and special attention needs to be paid to the arch support placement. Where many new brands use stock insoles and “open-mold” soles from third-party suppliers, every detail from Casca is custom developed by our design team.

Working collaboratively with orthotic experts and our world-renowned development agency, we’re committed to providing well-crafted, high-functioning footwear from the start. Fit is a huge component of that. 

Discrepancies between the Knit and LeatherCorrecting the discrepancies.

Quality, Not Quantity. 

Less, but better. Casca makes versatile, innovative products that last. Without developing tight specifications for product quality, there’s room for error. With our minimal aesthetic, the details are critical and the mistakes are that much more noticeable. Loose threads, warped assemblies, even something as specific as to how far the rubber sole is pulled over the toe line; we take the extra steps to ensure our products are built consistently and at the highest standards.

Humidity Damage Test Products for any temperature, any climate.

Materials for Everyday Life. 

The testing within our facilities is extensive. Products endure everything from UV and humidity testing to tear resistance. One of our favourites is the Martindale test, where two swatches of identical material are rubbed together repeatedly until even the faintest sign of wear is apparent. This industrial test is often used by fabric companies developing fabrics for public buses, airports and high traffic areas. Fabric companies like Kvadrat and Maharam have made their names off of fabrics that surpassed the coveted 100,000 Martindale rating. Our Goretex-approved leather raises the bar for durability while remaining supple and suitable for everyday wear.

There are so many moving parts at this point, and we're happy to share all the progress. Thanks for following along as we approach launch day. If you have more questions or comments, don't hesitate to reach out. 

Check out the additional shots below or shop the collection. Feel free to share with the links below!

Winston, master pattern-makerMaster patternmaker, Winston. 

Silkscreens and LastsSilk Screens and Lasts.

Casca Production LineProduction lines.

Lacing Options in the Sampling Room Lace up! 


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