July 14, 2017

Last week, our friends at MC3D Technologies used a cutting-edge handheld scanner to digitally map our custom sculpted last (the foot form shoes are molded around). 

We were stoked to be able to work with MC3D on this part of the development. Their "Creaform Go!SCAN 50" scanner is one of the most advanced tools on the market, providing an incredibly high-resolution scan and ensuring all our hard work to make an orthopedically sound last was captured for mass-production. It all started with a casual inquiry on Reddit's r/3Dscanning community. 

MC3D Technologies is a small company based in Grand Prairie, Alberta specializing in CAD design and 3D scanning. Their team has been working with SolidWorks professionally for more than 6 years and added 3D Scanning to their offering 6 months ago in order to aid with reverse engineering and designing around complex geometry. Largely due to their location, MC3D has been working with companies in the oil industry and was actively looking to shift their skills to other industries, so it was great timing for Casca. 

By digitizing the form, we are able to accurately model/render shoe components like the outsole and insole in programs like Rhino and Keyshot, create/test 3D printed prototypes and effectively communicate the design to our factory with zero room for error. 

We were really happy that MC3D reached out and offered to help. Mack and Lindsay were super efficient and helpful, sending us multiple file types and lots of process images to share! Huge thanks to them, we're looking forward to working with them again in the future. 

Check out the gallery below! 


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