Placing orders

Do you offer free shipping and returns? 

We offer complimentary expedited shipping on all orders over $50.00 before tax in North America. Depending on your proximity to our distribution center in Vancouver, please expect anywhere from 3 to 7 business days for your order to arrive. 

Please note that our cut-off for same-day shipping is 10:00am PST.

The item I want is sold out, how can I get it? 

If the item that you want is sold out you can sign up for a waitlist OR notify us at marketing@casca.com and we will send you an email when the product is back in stock. 

Lifetime Warranty

To see more about our product lifetime warranty click here: https://casca.com/pages/terms-of-sale

Casca Features

Are the insoles removable? 

Yes, the insoles are removable, however, insoles are designed specifically for Casca products, and are not suitable for other footwear products. Casca insoles are more thick and supportive than conventional insoles and footbeds, and will likely constrict the foot within other footwear products. 

Why are your shoes unisex? 

Through research and consultation with pedorthic experts, we’ve learned that there’s an indiscernible difference in feet of different genders, and we prefer to offer our styles to all. Examining an average male and female foot of the same length, there is less than 2mm (0.08”) width difference. In addition, Casca materials are designed to mold and flex to accommodate your unique foot.

What makes the leather waterproof? 

Each leather hide is bathed in a waterproof solution that permeates the surface of the leather. Unlike most waterproof coatings, the non-toxic solution soaks into the leather and coats fibres, offering long-lasting waterproofness while preserving leather’s natural breathable pores. 

What is the Lift OS?

Lift OS rethinks and combines a number of proven footwear techniques typically reserved for orthotic or sport-specific applications. The exposed support frame of Casca OS is sculpted to prevent ankle roll and lock the heel in place, as well as reach under the shoe upper / midfoot to stiffen the arch region, a common area of high strain. The support frame is combined with a nested footbed made from ultra-thick, high-rebound TPU. The footbed has considerable arch and metatarsal support, to help allow nerves to “breathe”, improving posture, circulation and comfort over prolonged periods. These two pieces are enclosed by a mountaineer-grade rubber outsole featuring a contoured design that improves traction, stability and gait. 

3D insole + Taking Photos

How do I get my customized 3D printed insoles? 

Download the Casca app, login with the email you used to purchase your shoes from www.casca.com and complete the steps to scan your feet. Within 2 weeks, we’ll print and ship your custom order.

How long does it take to print the 3D insoles? 

It takes roughly 4 hours to print your insoles currently, however, we are constantly working to automate and improve this process for faster manufacturing times. 

Do I have to sit or stand to take the perfect foot measurement photos? 

Standing is preferred as your foot shape will change with varying weight, and our robots prefer to calculate with a load-bearing foot. If this is challenging because of mobility or comfort, then sitting is acceptable. You can also ask a friend to take the photos for you! 

How do I take the perfect foot measurement photos? 

We’ve created a template for you to fit your framing and foot with when you take your photos in real time. The border will turn green when you have the right angle. Make sure  you are barefoot, that there are no shadows in the photograph and that all four corner of the edges of the paper are in the frame.

Can I have multiple foot photos on the same account? 

Yes. Attached to each shoe/FootB3D order.

What happens if I need to retake my photos? 

After each photo you will have the opportunity to cross reference it with the ‘correct’ example that is shown on screen. If it looks the same you are OK to move forward if not you should retake the photo. The app will process all 3 photos of each foot together. If your photos are not taken in a way that will allow us to properly create your insole a notification will pop up:

“Your right foot images have not been accepted by the server, please try again. Make sure all four corners of the paper are included in each photo and that your flooring and lighting are acceptable”

You will need to press OK and then Go back to the beginning and retake all three photos. When they are acceptable your images will move forward for processing and then you will get a Congratulatory notification that your insoles will be on their way.

What do I do if my Footb3d insoles don’t feel right? 

The custom FootB3D from Casca offers noticeable metatarsal and arch support, substantially more than common footwear products. There’s evidence that this support can improve the health and comfort of your entire body. In some cases, there is an adjustment period required. If you are experiencing discomfort or pressure, it is recommended that you gradually increase your use of Casca’s, starting in small doses for light activities. Within 1-2 weeks, the support should feel natural.  

What kind of material is the Footb3d 3D made of? 

FootB3D is made from a TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) based material that offers flexibility, elasticity and high-strength properties. TPU is degradable and non-toxic; is safe in many applications. It is even used in biomedical applications. TPU can be recycled and there is no DMF residue in the products. 

Can the FootB3D fit into other types of shoes? 

Casca footbeds are more thick and supportive than conventional insoles and footbeds, and Casca shoes have been designed to accommodate this. Wearing them inside other shoes is not recommended, as they will likely constrict the foot. 

Can I order FootB3D insoles without buying a pair of Casca’s? 

Yes, you can order FootB3D separately from your original shoe purchase. 

Orthotic System

Which doctors did you work with to create your Orthotic System? 

Casca worked with Marc Paris, a Canadian pedorthic technician and 3rd generation shoemaker to validate our proprietary designs. In addition, we tested for over 3 years and reviewed our products with numerous other orthotic labs. 

Can you claim your Casca Orthotics? 

*We are currently going through the orthotic approval process. Please stay tuned! 

Casca and FootB3D care 

How do I clean my Casca shoes? 

Knitted shoe products are machine washable. Remove the footbed and laces, and place in a mesh bag for best results. The laces can also be placed in the mesh bag. Wash on cold or cool settings with other bulky items like towels. 

Leather products can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soap / water. Soaking is not recommended, and pat-drying after cleaning helps maintain the leather quality. Using a third-party leather conditioner can spruce up wrinkled or dull leather, just test on a small, discrete patch first to ensure there’s no discoloration or negative effects. 

For rubber soles, use a toothbrush or rough brush with soap or baking soda. Applying friction and pressure works to remove the scuffs and dirt. 

How do I clean my FootB3D insoles? 

Insoles can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soap / water. Pat-drying helps prolong the lifetime. 

Special Foot Conditions

I have a special foot condition - will the Footb3d work for me? 

Feel free to contact lab@casca.com if you have concerns about your unique foot condition. 

I have flat feet - will Footb3d work for me? 

Yes. FootB3D is made using a 3D model of your foot generated through the Casca App. Each FootB3D insole will be 3D-printed based on your exact foot measurements, and should support most foot shapes. People with high arches or flat feet tend to benefit the most from FootB3D. 

I have extremely high arches - will Footb3d work for me? 

Yes. FootB3D is made using a 3D model of your foot generated through the Casca App. Each FootB3D insole will be 3D-printed based on your exact foot measurements, and should support most foot shapes. People with high arches or flat feet tend to benefit the most from FootB3D.